Listening to 2 sommeliers from 15 restaurant at #accesszone #LIWF

Must hunt down @danielalagar’s Alivion on @nakedwines

Ryan O’Connell from O’ Vineyards @mroconnell at #LIWF

Lovely to meet @sipswooshspit at #LIWF

Disrupt! wine is a new wine blend from #accesszone: here’s draft 1 of the label. A truly “social” wine #LIWF

About to enjoy the final stage of the Vrazon/Thierry’s blend

Talking to Nicole Rolet at #accesszone of #LIWF

Venue for #Laithwaites tasting today was impressive: Altitude360 at Millbank Tower. A few decent wines too (but will have to tweet about those later)…

Average person perceives page load time to be 15% slower than it actually is #strangeloop - full article at #Mashable

Just down from my office, the press, police & public swarm around the Middleton’s hotel. I need to get out of London… and fast!